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Do you need to modify your child custody arrangements?

In most Maryland divorces, the judge's decision is law and a family court will not alter that decision. That is, if the conditions and circumstances of yourself, your ex and your children stay the same. If there is a considerable change in circumstances, you might be able to go back to the court that issued your child custody ruling and ask for a modification.

Short term emergencies and temporary child support modifications

What if you suffer a sudden heart attack, get into a car accident or get hurt in some way that prevents you from being able to work and earn a living? The condition is only temporary and you expect to be back on your feet in a couple of months; however, you're unable to make money to pay your child support. What should you do?

Do you need to make a change to your divorce decree?

Let's say you got a divorce ten years ago when your child was two years old, and now you and your son's or daughter's situation has changed. Perhaps ten years ago, your son was healthy and the normal amount of child support was sufficient to pay for his or her needs, but now your son has contracted a debilitating illness that is costly to treat. A divorce modification could be away for you to seek an increase in child support payments from you ex to help make financial ends meet.

Child custody modifications: It's better not to wait

If you're a single parent, your child is probably the most important person in your world. If you're a single non-custodial parent, though, you probably only get to see your child every other weekend or once or twice a week. It can be hard to spend that time away from your child, but the idea of losing all access to your child is even more frightening. Unfortunately, that's what could happen if you can't pay your child support payments on time.

Can I challenge a divorce decision?

In the vast majority of divorce decisions made by Maryland family law courts, there's nothing that can be done. The spouses at the center of the case will need to accept the judge's ruling. However, in some situations that are particularly complicated to decide -- or in cases where a judge makes an error -- an appeal may be warranted.

Modifying the terms of your divorce agreement

Divorce agreements and divorce awards are not always set in stone. If one of the spouse's life-situations, or the needs of a child, change following a divorce settlement or divorce award, then the spouses who require it may request a modification to the divorce agreement.

Is it time to make a change to your visitation agreement?

A divorce agreement -- especially when it comes to custody and visitation -- can be changed at any time if the proper circumstances present themselves. Indeed, circumstances change in life, and sometimes these changes necessitate an update to a custody or visitation agreement. If legitimate evidence exists to warrant the change, the court will grant the modification.

Family law matters are rarely set in stone

When dealing with family law matters, the courts understand that people grow and change. What is best for children who are in preschool isn't necessarily going to work once they are in middle school, and it would be silly to put orders in place thinking this was the case. That's one reason that child custody modification processes exist.

Can I change my child support payments?

Just because a child support order has been issued or a divorce agreement specifically lays out child support arrangements, it does not mean that child support obligations cannot change. Indeed, there are a lot of situations in which child support payments could change following a court order or divorce agreement.

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