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Millions of people lost licenses due to unpaid tickets

A new report from The Washington Post has found that more than seven million people across the country have lost their driver's licenses due to unpaid tickets or other traffic debt. This debt includes unpaid administrative fees and unpaid court fees. Of the seven million, 10 percent are from the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas.

Fast paced driving movies may lead to increase in traffic tickets

The movie franchise "The Fast and the Furious" has been a smash at box offices around the globe, raking in millions of dollars. Is it possible that these and other similar movies are partially responsible for an increase in people getting traffic tickets?

2 common traffic ticket defenses

When most Maryland residents receive a traffic ticket, they wrongly assume that they have to simply accept the fine -- and resulting consequences for their insurance premiums. However, drivers are often surprised to discover that they have the right to defend themselves against the charges in court. But what's the best way to defend against a traffic ticket?

How can I avoid getting a speeding ticket during a traffic stop?

Most Maryland residents want to imagine they could talk or charm our way out of a speeding ticket during a traffic stop. You might have heard some general advice to this end -- about what you should say to a police officer in order to get a "warning" instead of a ticket.

Did you know there are different kinds of speed limits?

Maryland residents may be surprised to know that different kinds of speed limits apply to different areas of cities, states and towns. These categories of speed limits will affect the kind of speeding ticket defense that those accused of speeding choose.

How do I defend against a speeding ticket?

Let's say you were driving down the interstate and a police officer "caught" you with his radar gun. After pulling you over, he gave you a ticket that's going to cost you hundreds of dollars in fines. You're also facing the threat of increased car insurance premiums. The problem is, you don't think you were speeding and you feel the ticket is unfair.

Fines could increase for school bus passing violations

School bus-related traffic fines are steep, but a proposed piece of legislation could make them even steeper if Maryland state lawmakers decide to pass it. If the law gets passed, it would increase the current automatic fine for passing a school bus up to $250 from its current level of $125.

How to argue that your traffic violation was justified

Accused drivers can employ a lot of different criminal defense strategies in order to fight a traffic ticket in court. Depending on the evidence that a police officer presents against you in court, you may want to try and argue that the alleged driving offense did, in fact, occur, but that the driving infraction was justified.

The costs relating to traffic tickets and DUI can be high

Driving drunk or driving at a high rate of speed can result in drivers paying high-level fines in Maryland. However, the costs of a traffic ticket or DUI do not stop there. These violations -- even a seemingly inconsequential speeding ticket -- can result in auto insurance rate hikes that will hurt your long-term financial situation.

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