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Is it time to say good-bye?

Divorce tends to be permanent, and it is rare that couples who split up decide to get back together again. Therefore, when weighing the positives and negatives of divorce, couples should consider as many factors as possible. This article will review some important decisions that ever spouse considering divorce needs to think about.

Did you know this new divorce law went into effect on October 1?

Beginning on Oct. 1, 35 new laws went into effect across the state of Maryland. These laws fell under virtually every legal category, including laws relating to DUI penalties, workers' rights, public safety, narcotics and even the freedom of the press. Another area touched by these new laws was divorce. The specific divorce law that went into effect is known as the Divorce-Corroboration of Testimony law, or SB359, HB274.

Why is alimony essential?

A lot of Maryland residents going through divorce might question whether alimony is correct for them to pursue on a purely moralistic level. However, there are sound reasons why a spouse might need and want alimony, and based on these reasons, one can clearly understand why alimony is not only legally appropriate in many situations, but also fair. Here are some of the primary reasons why alimony is essential:

What divorce cannot guarantee

It is not uncommon for a family law attorney to hear from individuals who are completely undecided about whether or not they should file for divorce. In these cases, it is the attorney's job to inform the individual about the various aspects of divorce they should be take into consideration while making their decisions. Some of this information relates to what divorce cannot do, as it is important that everyone keep a realistic perspective when going into the process.

Why you shouldn't move out without the kids during a divorce

Your mind is full of questions. You or your spouse have decided to divorce, and you're not sure what will happen next. What about the kids? Who will get custody? The divorce isn't final, but you know it's going to happen. So you think about the idea of one of you moving out, since it's been decided you will no longer be together. Plus, you don't want to argue in front of the children. Most of the time, it's the men who move out, because they feel it's "the right thing to do." But when it comes time for a court to hear and decide custody arrangements, moving out without the children could actually hurt you.

Financial security and divorce

Most Maryland spouses who decide to go through a divorce will have tried everything they could to make their marriages work. Especially in cases that involve children and matters relating to child support and child custody, spouses usually don't give up on their marital unions very easily. That said, at some point, couples are forced to face the music of a marriage that has reached its limits, and this is when they look to submit their divorce papers.

Divorce and the IRS: Two things you need to know

Navigating through a divorce is difficult. Dealing with taxes is difficult. Combine these two and you get one awful pairing. Unfortunately, those who are going through a divorce need to be aware of the fact that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will likely be involved.

What is the Shared Parenting Bill?

The Shared Parenting Bill is being considered by Maryland lawmakers, and similar legislation is being considered by lawmakers in other states. The bill is aimed at correcting an issue that many fathers and legal advocates view as unjust: the tendency of courts to not award fathers 50-50 custody of their children.

Drew Barrymore finalizes divorce in just 3 weeks

Superstar actress Drew Barrymore has finalized her divorce from Will Kopelman, who she still considers a good friend. The speed and peacefulness with which this Hollywood power couple has dissolved their marriage are to be envied -- and many soon-to-be exes would no doubt like to emulate this kind of breakup.

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