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Foreign travel guidelines to protect against child abduction

As difficult as it is to believe, parents sometimes kidnap their own children, take them to foreign countries and refuse to bring them back to their rightful home in violation of child custody orders. Although the chances of this happening to you are probably slim, if the other parent of your child is a foreign national, it's definitely in the realm of possibility. As such, you may want to add some extra protections and security against the threat and potential of a child abduction by including special language within your parenting agreement.

Terminating the parental rights of a deadbeat parent

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to terminate the parental rights of the other parent of your child -- especially if he or she is a deadbeat. Maybe you want to move to another state for a job opportunity or a better life, but the other parent won't give permission. Maybe you want your new husband or wife to adopt your child and the other parent protests. Finally, maybe you want to protect your children from a potentially dangerous mother or father.

Single parents: Establish sound rules for communication

Good communication is vital after two parents with shared custody go through a divorce. For this reason, parents should specify certain agreements about communication in their parenting plans. Here are some important issues to address in this regard:

Consider this when setting up your holiday parenting schedule

When two parents live so far away from each other that it renders child custody visits impossible. If the parents live on opposite sides of the country, one way around this problem could involve using holidays and three-day weekends as times when the children can visit with the noncustodial parent. Many parents organize long-distance holiday schedules in circumstances like this.

4 things that could cause you to lose child custody

Before addressing the topic of losing child custody, there's something you should know. Even in extreme situations, you'll likely have the right to -- at the very least -- visit with your children in a supervised setting with a court-approved person present to watch over the visit. That is, if you have consistently shown interest in visiting with them and if you have consistently supported your children emotionally and financially. With that being said, here are a few circumstances that could cause you to lose your child custody and/or visitation rights:

Maryland child custody law: Does it need to change?

In 2013, Maryland lawmakers organized a commission to determine whether state courts need to change the way they decide child custody cases. Over a period of 18 months, the commission convened to hear from family law lawyers, family court judges and mental-health workers to determine whether the current rules and legal practices lead to fair and appropriate family court decisions relating to child custody.

What should divorcing parents of teenagers keep in mind?

Raising a teenage child can be challenging at times, but spending time with your teen will also be a lot of fun. As a single parent, you will want to make the most of your parenting time to ensure that you don't miss out on these vital years with your child.

Parental communication: How to resolve post-divorce disputes

If you're going through a divorce and will soon be a single parent, you probably have a lot questions about the drafting of your parenting plan and what kinds of provisions you should include in it. One important issue that you will definitely want to address in your parenting plan – but many couples don't consider – is the way you and your ex will resolve disputes and arguments.

Grandparent visitation rights in Maryland

As a grandparent, you are in love with your grandchildren. The relationship you enjoy with them is particularly special because you get to completely enjoy your grandchildren in a carefree way that you didn't get to experience when you were raising your own kids -- and this is one of the most important benefits of being a grandparent.

Child custody: When parents decide

When two spouses have children together -- and they're in the process of getting a divorce -- the preferable way to resolve child custody decisions is out of court. Court proceedings take a long time, they're costly and they're often stressful. Conversely, parents can stay in control of the outcome of their child custody arrangements by negotiating together and coming to a decision on their own.

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