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Is it time to say good-bye?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2016 | Divorce, Firm News |

Divorce tends to be permanent, and it is rare that couples who split up decide to get back together again. Therefore, when weighing the positives and negatives of divorce, couples should consider as many factors as possible. This article will review some important decisions that ever spouse considering divorce needs to think about.

— Think about how divorce will both help you and how it won’t. Divorce is not the solution to all family-related problems. Rather, it is a way to legally divide one’s property and to determine how one’s children shall be cared for and by which parent. Divorce will not resolve the pain of a difficult break-up, like a break-up inspired by a cheating spouse or a child who died.

— Consider annulment as an alternative to divorce proceedings. When a couple gets their marriage annulled, it means that their marital union was never valid in the first place. A marriage that has been annulled is a marriage that, in legal terms, never existed. Various legal grounds for annulment include impotence, fraud, mental illness, getting married too young and more.

— Go to marital counseling. Even if spouses have no intention of saving their marriages, counseling can be very helpful. It will help them ease the emotional burden of breaking up their marriage and they will also have a better chance of making the breakup easier on their children if they have any.

Couples considering divorce may also want to discuss their situation with a divorce attorney in order to ascertain what to expect during divorce proceedings. Having an idea of what to expect ahead of time will help the divorce process to be completed as smoothly as possible.

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