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Interstate child custody: Which state is in charge?

One of the defining aspects of the modern era is that people are much more mobile than they used to be. It's no longer uncommon to move several times during a lifetime -- even great distances.

This can get tricky, however, when you're a divorced parent. Generally, your parenting plan and custody agreement will set the terms for what you can and cannot do -- including how far you can move away from your current location when you have physical custody of your child and the other parent has visitation.

Are these traits killing your marriage?

Heading to marriage counseling with your spouse? Well, don't panic -- counseling can save a marriage.

However, good counselors also sometimes recognize that a marriage is probably over as soon as they see they see certain traits in the couple's relationship. These include:

Know Maryland's rules before you tint your car windows

Summer's here, with all its glory -- but if you're planning on being behind the wheel or in the car a lot this summer, you may not really enjoy those bright, sunny days as much as other people. Window tints are a great solution -- but they can also get you a hefty traffic ticket if you don't know the rules.

Here's a brief guide to the laws in Maryland and information you should know:

What to expect during a Michigan child custody case

Ideally, the Michigan courts hope that divorcing parents will come to a custody agreement on their own -- without a trial. However, that doesn't always happen.

If it looks like you and your spouse or ex-spouse are headed toward a full-blown custody battle, here's what to expect along the way:

Changing child support when your ex earns more

If you are a single parent, it is likely that you have been paying child support for a significant amount of time. You will have been doing so in the belief that this helps the other parent to afford to provide your child with a high quality of life.

The question of which parent pays child support depends on the time that the child spends with each parent and the incomes of each parent. If parents split custody 50/50, the child support obligation from the higher earning parent will likely be less, but as long as each parent does not earn exactly the same, it is likely that some amount will be owed.

Are you headed for 'unhappily ever after?'

Everybody who gets married hopes that they're about to get their fairytale ending and live "happily ever after" with their spouse.

But, what if you don't? How can you tell when your marriage just isn't going to live up to your expectations and is actually pretty...well, unhappy?

The uncomfortable truth about money and divorce

Divorce is about money and money issues tend to bring out the worst in people. That's the first essential (and uncomfortable) thing that you need to realize about divorce. Even if you and your spouse agreed amicably to the split, the goodwill may dry right up once you start to get down to the details of how the money will be divided up.

So, what are the other uncomfortable truths about the money and divorce that you should know?

Learn more about speed-camera tickets in Maryland

If you drive anywhere in Maryland, you'd better keep this in mind: There are cameras everywhere.

Maryland has one of the most aggressive systems in the nation when it comes to issuing speed-camera tickets to drivers. The various jurisdictions in the state issued 1.5 million tickets in 2017 alone -- and generated $62.2 million worth of revenue. According to analysts, that's pretty much what the state earned the year before, as well.

Is your ex-spouse hiding income to avoid child support?

Child support obligations are designed to be as fair as possible to both parents while still providing for the needs of the child.

Unfortunately, some parents just don't like to pay up. For whatever reason, these parents -- who had plenty of money prior to the divorce -- will suddenly plead near poverty when it comes time to assign child support. Many of the parents that do this are self-employed or own their own business, so they often hide income through their business in some way.

Michigan driver charged with 6 deaths after accident

A 32-year-old woman from Bowie, Maryland, has been charged with multiple crimes after an accident that claimed the lives of five children and one adult.

The woman crashed her sport utility vehicle into a tree after she drove off Route 301 close to Pointer Ridge Drive. The authorities say that the driver's blood alcohol content (BAC) was "at least" double the legal limit when she wrecked.

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