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How can I avoid getting a speeding ticket during a traffic stop?

Most Maryland residents want to imagine they could talk or charm our way out of a speeding ticket during a traffic stop. You might have heard some general advice to this end -- about what you should say to a police officer in order to get a "warning" instead of a ticket.

If you'd like to know some tried and true methods that could help you in this regard, keep reading.

A rushed divorce might not be as fast as you expect

You probably don't want your divorce to drag on forever. There is a chance that the divorce process will last longer than what you expect due to matters that you might not be able to control. Other factors that you can control may also draw the process out.

It is usually best to go into a divorce with as much information about the process as possible. Here are some points to pay special attention to since each of these can directly impact how much time elapses between your divorce petition and the finalization.

Is driving with headlights during the day a bright idea?

During the day, when it's bright and sunny, you don't need your headlights to see where you're going, right? While this is true, you might want to consider turning your headlights on, anyway -- especially because safety researchers have proven that it will lower your risks of getting into a car accident.

Turning on your headlights during daylight hours won't dramatically reduce your car accident risks, but the figures are truly nothing to sneeze at -- as they will decrease your risks by approximately 5 to 10 percent. Think about it, one of the most important elements in car accident prevention is visibility, no matter who you are. If a pedestrian sees you, he or she won't dart out in front of you. If a motorcyclist sees you, he or she will take action to avoid hitting you, and so forth.

Does your car have electronic stability control?

The biggest auto manufacturers are pushing the envelope of what's possible in terms of car safety. The latest advancements include numerous systems designed to prevent accidents, help us stay in control of our vehicles and, ultimately, save lives. One of the more recent car safety advancements is known as electronic stability control, or ESC.

Chances are, your car doesn't have this miraculous technology, but if you're shopping for a new automobile, you might want to look for a vehicle that has ESC, which goes by various names like:

  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP), and
  • Vehicle Stability Enhancement (VSE)
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Preparing for financial survival after divorce

If you and/or your spouse are contemplating divorce, there are a lot of things to think about. Children, of course, if there are any, should be number one on the list.

Number two should probably be how you are going to make it financially. Most married couples have combined their salaries and bank accounts to make the most of their budget and spending. Now that the thought of ending the marriage is at hand, there are some important things to consider and prepare for:

Drunk biking: Yes, it's a crime

It's against the law to ride a motorcycle drunk, it's against the law to operate a boat drunk, and it's against the law to operate a car drunk. As you might imagine, it's also against the law to ride a bicycle drunk.

Many bicyclists, however, do not know that it's unlawful to ride their bicycle while intoxicated. In fact, a police officer can pull over a bicyclist at any time for a violation of the rules of the road. When it comes to intoxicated biking, the story is no different.

What is infidelity alimony?

Permanent alimony payments continue to exist in the state of Maryland. This means that, in rare divorce cases, it's possible for a family court judge to force one spouse to pay the other spouse monthly alimony checks for the rest of their lives.

Permanent alimony, also known as indefinite alimony, will not be awarded in most cases. However, if the right circumstances are present, then a judge could force this potentially lifetime obligation onto one of the spouses.

Do you need to modify your child custody arrangements?

In most Maryland divorces, the judge's decision is law and a family court will not alter that decision. That is, if the conditions and circumstances of yourself, your ex and your children stay the same. If there is a considerable change in circumstances, you might be able to go back to the court that issued your child custody ruling and ask for a modification.

Imagine the mother of your children has full physical custody of your children, and you get to spend time with your kids every other weekend. This has worked great for the last seven years, but recently your ex was arrested and charged with drug trafficking cocaine, and now she's headed for prison. This would be an example of a significant change in circumstances and you could likely ask the judge to modify your child custody arrangements, so that you become the primary caretaker of your kids.

Does your career have anything to do with your divorce?

The reasons why we get divorced are complicated. Some Maryland couples may choose to separate because they're constantly fighting. Others might separate due to infidelity. They list is endless and it's rare that a divorcing couple can point their fingers at one simple cause. However, that doesn't stop people from trying to find reasons for divorce.

Take the research that was published by the Institute for Family Studies (IFS), for example. According to the IFS, some careers offer a lesser chance of divorce. The study found that actuaries have the least chance of getting divorced, with a divorce rate of 17 percent compared to other professions. The next least likely professionals to get divorced were physical scientists, clergy persons, life scientists and software developers.

Grandparent visitation rights in Maryland

As a grandparent, you are in love with your grandchildren. The relationship you enjoy with them is particularly special because you get to completely enjoy your grandchildren in a carefree way that you didn't get to experience when you were raising your own kids -- and this is one of the most important benefits of being a grandparent.

The love between grandparent and grandchild is about as unconditional as it can get, so it's painful when grandparents are denied access to their grandkids. Since this kind of situation can be emotionally difficult for both the grandparent and the grandchild -- and even interfere negatively with the grandchild's development -- Maryland courts may award a grandparent visitation rights in certain circumstances

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