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What should divorcing parents of teenagers keep in mind?

Raising a teenage child can be challenging at times, but spending time with your teen will also be a lot of fun. As a single parent, you will want to make the most of your parenting time to ensure that you don't miss out on these vital years with your child.

Here are a few things newly divorced parents of teenagers should think about while planning how they will spend time with their kids:

  • Teenagers are very independent, both in their thinking and their activities. However, your teen needs the base of guidance and support provided by you and the other parent. This nurturing and oversight is vital to the growth and maturation of your young teen. When both parents are equally involved at this time, your teen will benefit greatly.
  • Your teen should be exposed to new activities and be encouraged to have relationships outside your family structure. Make your parenting plan flexible enough to give your teen plenty of time to spend with his or her friends.
  • Your teen may be busy with a job, friends, activities, sports and other things as he or she grows older. Be adaptable so you can mesh with his or her schedule.
  • The more control you give your teen over his or her schedule, the better. Plan around your teen's preferences in this regard.

Can you see the wisdom of signing a prenuptial agreement?

You are about to get married. You're about to share everything in life with your partner, including your future children and your finances – and you're about to make a lifelong commitment to the person you love. While this is all true, it's also true that your marriage – like many love unions – could fail to endure. We are all taking a risk when we say "I do," and the willingness to take that risk in the name of love is beautiful. However, you might still want to cover your legal bases with a prenuptial agreement.

Here's what a prenup can do for you:

  • Document the financial assets and debt liabilities of both spouses before marriage
  • Clarify and support your estate plan and safeguard your estate plan against divorce
  • Determine what is marital and what is individual property
  • Codify special arrangements or special agreements between the spouses
  • Speed up and simply the divorce process if it becomes necessary
  • Reduce the threat of conflict during divorce
  • Get to know your future spouse better through the process of coming to agreement

Child custody terminology: What are the 2 kinds of child custody?

If you're like most Maryland parents going through a first-time divorce, there are many things you will not understand about the divorce process. In fact, some of the terms and legal concepts you encounter will seem downright foreign and illogical.

Since your children and child custody are probably the biggest concerns you have in your divorce, it's vital that you don't get blindsided because you didn't fully understand the meanings of different terms and legal concepts pertaining to child custody. Let's take look at the two kinds of child custody and what you need to know about them.

Parental communication: How to resolve post-divorce disputes

If you're going through a divorce and will soon be a single parent, you probably have a lot questions about the drafting of your parenting plan and what kinds of provisions you should include in it. One important issue that you will definitely want to address in your parenting plan – but many couples don't consider – is the way you and your ex will resolve disputes and arguments.

Many parents find themselves getting along swimmingly post-divorce, and other parents are never able to see eye-to-eye. The following parenting provisions will help you overcome disputes as they arise:

  • If the parents fall into a disagreement, they will pursue professional assistance to overcome the dispute. The parents will seek assistance from a family counselor, professional arbitrator or professional mediator to overcome their differences in these circumstances.
  • In the event of a disagreement, the parents will follow the specific procedure outlined. For example, this procedure could involve contacting a trusted family friend, parent or grandparent who the parents trust to render a final decision that will be adhered to.
  • If dispute resolution becomes necessary, the parents will split the costs 50/50.
  • When dispute resolution is desired, one parent will notify the other via a certified mail, written notice or some other means.

When will courts modify child custody orders?

Many parents wonder if their child custody orders issued by a state family court judge are set in stone. In the vast majority of circumstances, a court will uphold the existing child custody orders unless there has been a substantial change in circumstances. These changes in circumstances could involve one parent getting a new job in another place that's far away, one parent going to jail and other kinds of situations.

Let's look at a few example situations that could result in the modification of a judge's child custody orders:

Advice to prevent a post-divorce financial meltdown

The divorce process is meant to treat both spouses fairly. However, many people come out of divorce financially ruined. Women, it seems, are especially at risk of suffering a post-divorce financial meltdown. To prevent such an end result in your case, be sure to review the following pieces of advice which will help you manage the financial aspects of your divorce more successfully.

List all of your assets and possessions. The first thing you need to do is determine exactly what you and your spouse own. Make a list, and don't worry too much about whether the items are part of your marital estate or not. You won't be able to look at your assets and possessions objectively to determine who gets what until you know exactly what they include.

Are you being as safe as possible on the road?

You drive the speed limit, you never drive after drinking and you think of yourself as a "defensive driver." In other words, you find your health and safety – and the safety of others – far more important than getting from A to B a few minutes faster. However, you might not be doing everything you can to stay safe, so it's important to stay up-to-date on all the best safety practices on a regular basis.

Here are two great ways that you can be safer on the road. Are you doing them?

How to address health care in your parenting provisions

Health care is expensive, but necessary. For that reason, aside from putting food on the table and a roof over one's head, health care can become one of the most primary concerns of any Maryland parent.

Do your children have sufficient health care coverage? Are you paying for that coverage by yourself, or is your ex helping to cover all, or part, of these costs? Let's take a closer look at health care coverage and how parents can address it in their child custody agreements to ensure both parents are shouldering their fair share of this burden.

Fast paced driving movies may lead to increase in traffic tickets

The movie franchise "The Fast and the Furious" has been a smash at box offices around the globe, raking in millions of dollars. Is it possible that these and other similar movies are partially responsible for an increase in people getting traffic tickets?

According to The New York Times (NYT), the answer is yes. They reviewed the number of speeding tickets issued over a five-year period. That time frame coincided with the releases of the "Fast & Furious 6," "Furious 7" and "The Fate of the Furious."

What is whiplash?

We've all heard of whiplash, but unless you're actually suffering from the condition, you may not know exactly what it is. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries associated with car accidents, and it can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. It can also result in complications that render a car accident victim temporarily unable to work and temporarily unable to enjoy his or her daily activities.

Whiplash injuries happen during car accidents because these injuries are associated with the neck. When the head gets whipped around in a serious collision, it can cause considerable strain on the neck. Muscles, joints and ligaments can all become strained as a result of the intense gravitational forces involved in such a collision.

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