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How do you cope when your adult child divorces?

When an adult child divorces, the situation can send shock waves throughout the entire family. As your child's parent, you naturally want to be supportive -- but you may have a lot of conflicted feelings about the situation.

It's normal to feel shocked, sad, frustrated and even a little angry. How is a parent to cope?

The effect of the opioid crisis on Maryland's roadways

A new study released by researchers at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is providing insight into the role opioid abuse plays in deadly accidents on Maryland's highways.

The "Heroin Highway" cuts right through the western part of the state, along the 1-70 and I-81 corridor. That's one of the reasons that Maryland -- along with seven other states -- declared a statewide emergency in order to try to combat the tide of users looking to score drugs and dealers looking to deliver them. Another reason is that opioids were thought to be involved in 14.1 percent of all fatal crashes in the state -- a big increase above the 8.3 percent calculated back in 2006.

What questions can you expect at a custody modification hearing?

Asking for a modification to a custody agreement -- when you don't have the agreement of your ex-spouse -- is a very big deal. The court generally hates to make changes to an existing agreement without a good reason.

If you're headed into court with a modification request, there are some basic questions you need to be prepared to answer in a very specific manner. There's often a big difference between the questions you're asked and what the judge really wants to know.

1 killed, others injured in Maryland car accident

When a teenager heads away to a cheerleading competition, the worst news parents expect to hear is that someone broke an arm or a leg in a bad fall -- not that their child has been injured or killed in an accident on the road. Unfortunately, that's what happened after several Virginia teenagers were in a multicar accident while traveling in Maryland for a competition.

According to reports, the Cheer Eruption All-Stars team members were traveling through Maryland on the way to a competitive match in Delaware when tragedy struck. Two adults and four teenagers were injured, and one 15-year-old teen died of her injuries later at the hospital.

Can your ex just refuse you visitation in a Maryland divorce?

People going through a divorce may be willing to do things they would usually find immoral or inappropriate. Even someone who has always had an egalitarian approach toward parenting may change when it is their family going through a divorce. Someone you thought you loved and knew can change into a total stranger through the course of a divorce.

The desire of your ex to hurt you or feel vindicated could lead to all kinds of inappropriate behaviors. They might even go so far as to deny you visitation or parenting time with your children. Sometimes, people are overt and obvious. When you refuse to accept their requests or meet their demands, they immediately inform you of their intent to withhold access to the children.

The government shutdown and your divorce

The government shutdown that started in late 2018 and carried over in 2019 is now officially the longest in the history of the United States. That's bad news for a lot of people. Could it also affect your divorce?

Possibly. Whether you're (hopefully) reading this after the shutdown is over or it is still ongoing, these are some of the things that could be affected:

How custody agreements have changed (mostly for the better)

Years ago, custody arrangements between divorced couples pretty much looked alike from one family to the next. The divorced mom had primary custody (and all the headaches of raising children mostly alone). The divorced dad was relegated to seeing his kids only on a couple weeknights a month and alternate weekends and usually felt (rightfully) estranged from their daily lives.

It wasn't exactly a good situation for the kids, and parents weren't exactly enjoying the custody setup either. Maybe that's why modern custody agreements have evolved. No matter why it has changed, however, the one thing you can count on today in a divorce is that your custody agreement is probably not going to look anything like one of those custody agreements that existed in the past.

Speed restrictions in Maryland: What drivers should know

Have you ever been driving on the road only to be scared half out of your skin by a car that zooms past you like you are standing still? Or, have you ever been on the road and realize that you're about to run right over a car that's going so slowly you're sure the occupants could get to their destination faster by walking?

Both situations are common enough, and they're both against the law. Maryland has specific laws that require drivers to maintain a safe speed. That's a speed that is neither too fast -- nor too slow -- for the circumstances.

Will a history of domestic violence impact a Maryland divorce?

People in Maryland get divorced for any number of reasons. Most couples end a marriage because they grow apart or because of infidelity. However, in some cases, spousal abuse and domestic violence are the reason for divorce.

If you intend to leave an abusive spouse behind, you are probably already wondering how domestic violence will impact your divorce. There are many factors that contribute to how domestic violence will change the outcome of a divorce. Each situation is unique, so it is important to speak to an attorney as soon as possible about your specific scenario to adequately protect yourself.

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