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What Our Clients Are Saying

Divorce is obviously emotional, and even the most ethically minded people have their moments in anger. I wanted to know that my attorney would stand on what is best for the family, especially the children, and would speak up when anger and frustration set in. I now know that I made the right choice. I could not be happier with the results. Kevin was able to get us to a fair and amicable place in the settlement, he achieved the goals that we originally set out to accomplish, and he gently pried me off the ceiling a few times when things got crazy — Chip M.

From the very first time I met with Kevin, I felt that I had someone on my side that would fight for my daughter – just as hard as I would. Because of this dedication I have been able to raise my child in a safe, secure and stable home. Kevin has your back and is always on your side – for as long as you need. — Kim H.

As everyone knows, divorce is an agonizing process. Kevin calmed me down every time that my ex started making me crazy by putting the kids in the middle of our problems. He kept saying “take the high road”. In the end, I got custody of both children and my ex wife has supervised visitation. I cannot say enough about how he handled my case. — John S.

My ex-Husband had not paid child support in over 3 years and was $30,000.00 in arrears. After reviewing my case, Kevin told me that he could get me the money that my child was entitled to. In less than 6 months, I was paid in full. He found a clause in my separation agreement that had completely slipped my mind. — Stacy T.

After the auto accident, I was totally paralyzed from my neck down. I was still in the rehabilitation hospital, when Kevin was able to work out a deal with the insurance company to have my house modified to fit the wheelchair prior to settling the case. The final settlement did not occur for 2 more years secured me financially for the rest of my life. I can’t thank him enough. — Robert J.

I have a top security clearance with the Federal Government. After my wife and I separated, she claimed I assaulted her. Kevin was able to have the Domestic Violence and Assault charges dropped prior to trial. If not for Kevin’s adamancy and guidance, I am sure that I would have lost my job, my house, and my kids. — David S.

My grandson was being abused and neglected by his parents. Kevin fought for my grandson’s protection. My husband and I now have custody. Two other lawyers told me that I had no chance of getting the child away from his parents. We will be forever grateful for what he did for our grandson. — Helen K.

Kevin is well respected in the legal community. You can tell when you walk with him through the halls of the courthouse and when you sit with him in the court room. People know him and he exudes confidence. That gave me peace of mind whenever I was with him at court. For more then 10 years, Kevin has been there for me and my child and he has always given me good advice. — Karen A.