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Both Parents Have A Duty To Provide Financial Support To Their Children. We Will Help You Get An Order That Is Fair.

Going through a divorce is a huge change for your family. When children are involved, you likely want to minimize the impact on their lives as much as possible and make certain they get the financial support necessary. As your legal representative, we will ensure that your fair calculation of child support is established.

The Law Office of Kevin L. Beard, P.A., is located in Catonsville, Maryland, and represents families throughout the greater Baltimore area in family law matters, including divorce, custody/visitation and grandparents’ rights. With more than 20 years of legal experience, our attorneys are committed to providing comprehensive legal services that meet your immediate and long-term needs. We work hands-on with our clients and promote open communication at all points in the legal process.

How Is Child Support Calculated In Maryland?

The child support guidelines have recently changed in Maryland, so it is important to work with a lawyer that understands how the recent changes will affect your support calculation. Now, the guidelines address situations up to $180,000 in combined income (versus $120,000 before). In amounts larger than that, the court has discretion to arrive at an amount based on that standard of living. The process the court will go through to determine child support is as follows:

  • Gather information on each party’s income (including potential income)
  • Assess the costs of health insurance, daycare, medical expenses and other costs
  • Apply the state’s child support formula to the information to formulate an accurate calculation
  • Determine if a deviation from the guidelines is appropriate

We Can Help You Enforce And Modify Your Child Support Order

If you are owed child support payments and seeking to collect, our Catonsville child support lawyers can explore assist in asserting your legal rights in order to collect the payments you are owed. We have significant experience in representing clients in situations involving enforcement of support orders and will gladly assist you if faced with this issue.

A modification, or change to the decree, can be made if a material change in circumstances occurs. This may include the loss of a job, change in pay or medical condition occurs affecting your ability to work. It can either be an increase or a decrease depending on the specific change in circumstances. Considering the recent change in support guidelines, it is imperative you seek legal advice from a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to establish the most accurate support calculation for your family’s situation.

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