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Is January divorce season?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News |

Divorce attorneys throughout Maryland and the rest of the United States will agree that January really is divorce season. The fact is that after all the complexities, financial and emotional stresses of the holiday season, once the new year comes around, many couples decide to call it quits.

Is it because of New Year’s resolutions? Is it because Valentine’s day is just around the corner? Is it the credit card bills leftover from Christmas. Was it the emotionally nerve-wracking trip to Aunt Mabel’s house for Hanukkah? Maybe divorce thoughts were brewing well before the holidays but no one wanted to be perceived as unfeeling for leaving a spouse right before Christmas. It might be a combination of all these factors above. We can’t be completely sure, but we do know that every new year sees a surge in divorce filings.

In addition to actual divorce filings, people start to think about divorce more as well. January tends to see a 50 percent jump in web-based searches for terms like child custody and family law, for example. Still, the experts say that there is no “best time” to get a divorce. The best time is actually when know you’re ready and not a moment later. Some Maryland spouses benefit from talking to a mental health counselor or a good friend before making the decision.

Maryland residents considering divorce — whether they want to go through with it or are just analyzing their options — may want to talk to a lawyer about what they should expect. A family law attorney can help those who are thinking about divorce this January to decide if it really is time for them to go through with the process.

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