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The most common car accident injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2017 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accident |

At the Law Office of Kevin L. Beard in Catonsville, Maryland, we represent the victims of car accidents in court. We help injured plaintiffs seek financial damages to pay for their medical care, time spent unable to work, lost wages, lost enjoyment of life and more.

During our time representing Catonsville car accident plaintiffs, we have seen virtually every kind of injury under the sun, but there are certain categories of injuries we seem to see over and over again. Those injuries are:

— Broken bones: Human bones break when sufficient force is applied. If you’re thrown against the steering wheel, the roof or side of your car in a collision, it’s easy to break a bone — and it’s also very painful. Even breaking a small bone like your middle finger can come with serious consequences for the average plaintiff, like not being able to use a computer at work, permanent loss of finger mobility, excruciating pain and more.

— Whiplash and neck injuries: It’s easy for someone in a car accident to suffer whiplash injuries. These happen when a moving vehicle comes to a quick and sudden stop in a collision. It can be a collision from behind, from the side or from the front — it doesn’t matter. The human neck is flexible and it has a lot of ligaments and bones which can get strained or torn when jerked by the intense gravitational forces involved in a collision.

— Back injuries: Catonsville residents don’t often think about their backs when they’re healthy, but a serious car crash can leave a plaintiff with permanent and disabling back injuries in an instant. Back problems following car accidents are common, and sometimes the pain and symptoms of these serious injuries don’t show up until weeks following a collision.

— Traumatic brain injuries: A traumatic brain injury might not be visible on the outside, but the forces of a serious car collision can cause serious internal brain damage. Concussion is the most common and basic form of traumatic brain injury. It’s important to identify and treat these injuries quickly following a car crash.

If you or someone you love was seriously injured in Maryland by a negligent or unlawful driver, you might be able to seek financial restitution and justice in court. Indeed, car accident injuries are costly both financially and emotionally, and injured plaintiffs can — in many situations — pursue compensation for these damages in court.