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How do I defend against a speeding ticket?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2017 | Firm News, Traffic Tickets |

Let’s say you were driving down the interstate and a police officer “caught” you with his radar gun. After pulling you over, he gave you a ticket that’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars in fines. You’re also facing the threat of increased car insurance premiums. The problem is, you don’t think you were speeding and you feel the ticket is unfair.

Just because you were issued a speeding ticket does not mean that you will ultimately have to pay the fine or suffer the consequences. You might be able to use legal defense to fight the ticket in court.

Here are some of the most common ways to defend yourself against a speeding ticket:

— You had to speed due to an emergency: Let’s say your friend broke a bone and you had to rush him or her to the hospital for emergency treatment. Or, maybe you were trying to escape a fire that was causing problems for traffic behind you.

— The police judged your speed incorrectly: Radar guns aren’t perfect. Sometimes they pick up the speed of a different automobile. Or, sometimes they judge a driver’s speed incorrectly. You might be able to show that the method the officer used to judge your speed was not accurate. Or, you might be able to show that the officer did not properly use the speed testing device.

— A case of mistaken identity: Some drivers can show that they were not speeding by showing that an officer mistook their vehicle for another one. Imagine a police officer sees a green Ford Taurus speeding down the road. As he tries to catch up to the car, he sees your vehicle, which is also a green Ford Taurus, and you get ticketed for a speeding violation you didn’t commit

There are many ways to defend against speeding tickets. If you have questions about your speeding citation and how you might be able to defend yourself against it, a Catonsville traffic ticket attorney can help.

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