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How you know the time is right for a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2017 | Blog, Firm News |

There are probably a million different things running through your head when you start to contemplate a divorce. Have you waited long enough? Does what has happened between you and your spouse really mean it’s time for a divorce? Should you give up on your marriage, or will waiting it out really make things better?

There are so many questions that only you can answer, but there are some easy ways to tell if you should start looking into a divorce. These signs are standard among most people who get a divorce.

Abuse and mistreatment

Any time you’re being treated unkindly or in a way that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy, you need to reassess your situation. Sure, there are times when people fight or don’t get along. There are also times when people take arguments too far and become aggressive, abusive and difficult to live with. Know the difference. If you have been hit or fear for your safety, it’s time to consider a divorce.

Unhappiness with your spouse

Sometimes, unhappiness passes. Maybe your spouse is doing something you’re not happy with at the moment, but everything else in your life is fine. For example, your spouse started a new career and it’s taking longer than expected to work out financially, but you’re still happy together. That is a part of life and going through changes in your marriage. True unhappiness, not speaking to your spouse, ignoring your spouse or otherwise not wanting to be in the relationship is a sign that you’re ready to consider a divorce. Life is too short to be truly unhappy with the person you’re with, and if you don’t see a resolution in the future, then a divorce can help you break free of the relationship and move on with your life.

Marriages aren’t always built to last. While that’s hard to handle, a divorce can give you a fresh start and a chance to do the things you want without a spouse who holds you back.