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3 concerns that every divorcing spouse will have

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News |

If you are considering divorce, you will have a lot of questions, emotions and insecurities swirling through your head and heart. In order to help you navigate all the concerns that are likely to come forward, we’ve identified three questions that every divorcing spouse should try to answer:

  • How can you divorce in a way that minimizes the negative effects on your children? Every Maryland parent will want to protect his or her children through the divorce process, but doing this is not always straightforward or easy. The best thing to do is to remember: Two spouses who go their separate ways is better for the kids than two spouses who stay married and unhappy together. Also, remember that mediation proceedings and out-of-court settlement are an excellent way to stay civil during your divorce process.
  • Are you financially prepared for single life? The financial costs of being single are much higher than those experienced by married couples. It’s important to prepare a budget to ensure that you can afford all your expenses after you pull the trigger on your divorce.
  • Can you assume all the responsibilities that your spouse once took care of? A marriage is like a team, but being single is a solo effort. You might not realize all of the things your spouse took care of for you until after you move out on your own. Maybe your spouse managed the finances, did the dishes, cooked meals or mowed the grass. Whatever it was your spouse did in your partnership, keep in mind that you’ll soon be responsible for these tasks by yourself.

Divorce is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be traumatic. With the right preparation, and by taking the right legal steps, you can divorce as swiftly, cost-effectively and stress-free as possible.

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