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A rushed divorce might not be as fast as you expect

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2017 | Blog, Firm News |

You probably don’t want your divorce to drag on forever. There is a chance that the divorce process will last longer than what you expect due to matters that you might not be able to control. Other factors that you can control may also draw the process out.

It is usually best to go into a divorce with as much information about the process as possible. Here are some points to pay special attention to since each of these can directly impact how much time elapses between your divorce petition and the finalization.

Fear and emotions

Even if you acknowledge that the marriage is over, you might find that it is difficult for you to let go of it. Your emotions and the fear you have of moving into the single life might cause you to put things that are associated with the divorce off until the last minute. This can make the process take longer.

You might be able to get help for the emotions you are feeling. By addressing them and determining how you are able to work through them, you may find that you can help the divorce to move forward without being held up too much.


You and your ex may have to negotiate solutions to child custody, property division and support costs. This process can take time, but you can try to work through them a bit faster by being willing to compromise with your ex. Think about what is truly important in the divorce and focus on those. Try not to worry too much about stuff that won’t matter much in the long term.

Child custody is one of the areas where you might choose to focus. You and your ex will need to come up with the parenting plan and custody schedule that will be best for your children. While you do need to be flexible, you also need to ensure that there are solid instructions to govern this facet of the split.

Waiting periods

The waiting periods in Maryland might have an impact on how long the divorce takes. Even if you and your ex hash out the details, the divorce can’t be finalized until the waiting period is over. For example, there is a one-year separation requirement in many divorces. There is also a one-year residency requirement if the grounds for the divorce occurred in a state other than Maryland.