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How can I prevent a catastrophic motorcycle collision?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accident |

There’s nothing better than feeling the wind against your cheeks while you’re riding your favorite motorcycle through the countryside. Riding a motorcycle is addictive, and it keeps you coming back for more. That said, it’s also dangerous, so motorcyclists need to do everything they can to avoid getting into a crash.

The following two pieces of advice are essential to motorcycle safety in this regard. Are you following these tips on your weekend rides?

Stick with the flow of traffic at all times

Motorcyclists can avoid getting into a crash if he or she rides with the flow of traffic and among other cars. Driving far in front of other cars or far behind them means that a motorcyclist is less visible. Also, when a motorcyclist enters an intersection, he or she can use a nearby vehicle as a kind of shield from other cars that could be entering the intersection. This will make the biker more visible and also the nearby vehicle might get struck instead of the biker.

Reposition yourself as you approach an intersection: One of the biggest dangers to motorcyclists is the left-turning vehicle that decides to cross in front of the path of the biker because the motorist didn’t see him or her. Motorcyclists can reduce the chances of getting into such a crash by repositioning as far to the right as possible. This will give the vehicle driver a little more time to react when making a dangerous left turn.

Numerous motorcyclists suffer catastrophic injuries every year in accidents that weren’t their fault. These motorcyclists may have strong causes of action to pursue financial claims for justice and restitution. However, it’s more important for bikers to try to avoid these accidents altogether by following safe driving practices.

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