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Job choices and divorce rates: Is there a connection?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

Marital statistics reveal what most of us already knew: Some jobs are meant for single people and some jobs are meant for married people. There appears to be a correlation between choice of occupation and whether someone will end up getting divorced.

Here are a few of these job-related divorce statistics, which — had you known the information before you chose your job — you might have selected a different occupation. The following are the jobs with the least chances of divorce:

  • Actuaries working in the insurance industry have a 17 percent chance of getting divorced.
  • Physical scientists have an 18.9 percent chance of divorce.
  • Medical and life scientists have a 19.6 percent chance of divorce.
  • Members of the clergy have a 19.8 percent chance of divorce.
  • Software industry professionals have a 20.3 percent chance of divorce.
  • Physical therapists have a 20.7 percent chance of divorce.
  • Optometrists have a 20.8 percent chance of divorce.

The following are the jobs with the highest chances of divorce:

  • Bartenders have a 52.7 percent chance of divorce.
  • Flight attendants have a 50.5 percent chance of divorce.
  • Telemarketers have a 49.2 percent chance of divorce.
  • Textile workers have a 48.9 percent chance of divorce.

One correlation is the fact that there appears to be a connection between the amount an individual earns and the likelihood of divorce, as lower-earning occupations tend to have a higher divorce rate. Also, professions that involve travel and environments with alcohol also have a destabilizing effect on marriage.

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