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Parental communication: How to resolve post-divorce disputes

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News |

If you’re going through a divorce and will soon be a single parent, you probably have a lot questions about the drafting of your parenting plan and what kinds of provisions you should include in it. One important issue that you will definitely want to address in your parenting plan – but many couples don’t consider – is the way you and your ex will resolve disputes and arguments.

Many parents find themselves getting along swimmingly post-divorce, and other parents are never able to see eye-to-eye. The following parenting provisions will help you overcome disputes as they arise:

  • If the parents fall into a disagreement, they will pursue professional assistance to overcome the dispute. The parents will seek assistance from a family counselor, professional arbitrator or professional mediator to overcome their differences in these circumstances.
  • In the event of a disagreement, the parents will follow the specific procedure outlined. For example, this procedure could involve contacting a trusted family friend, parent or grandparent who the parents trust to render a final decision that will be adhered to.
  • If dispute resolution becomes necessary, the parents will split the costs 50/50.
  • When dispute resolution is desired, one parent will notify the other via a certified mail, written notice or some other means.

It’s important for divorcing parents to remember that disputes and arguments are perfectly normal when it comes to interacting with the other parents of their children. That said, with appropriately-drafted parenting provisions, single parents can sidestep the worst of conflicts, keep their peace with the other parent and support a working relationship that serves the best interests of all the children involved.

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