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What should divorcing parents of teenagers keep in mind?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Raising a teenage child can be challenging at times, but spending time with your teen will also be a lot of fun. As a single parent, you will want to make the most of your parenting time to ensure that you don’t miss out on these vital years with your child.

Here are a few things newly divorced parents of teenagers should think about while planning how they will spend time with their kids:

  • Teenagers are very independent, both in their thinking and their activities. However, your teen needs the base of guidance and support provided by you and the other parent. This nurturing and oversight is vital to the growth and maturation of your young teen. When both parents are equally involved at this time, your teen will benefit greatly.
  • Your teen should be exposed to new activities and be encouraged to have relationships outside your family structure. Make your parenting plan flexible enough to give your teen plenty of time to spend with his or her friends.
  • Your teen may be busy with a job, friends, activities, sports and other things as he or she grows older. Be adaptable so you can mesh with his or her schedule.
  • The more control you give your teen over his or her schedule, the better. Plan around your teen’s preferences in this regard.

As a parent of a teenager going through a divorce, remember that you have the right to spend time with your child. Be sure that you receive a fair amount of visitation time, or advocate for shared, 50-50 parenting time during your divorce proceedings.

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