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When you can’t be “yourself” around your spouse anymore

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

Do you feel like you can’t be “yourself” around your spouse? Maybe you feel like you’re always on guard and if you reveal how you actually feel about something, you’ll get hit with a demeaning comment about why you’re wrong. Subtle abuse from a spouse like this can cause you to regret it every time you reveal your desires and feelings.

Imagine you tell your spouse that you’d like to go out for pizza for a change instead of Chinese. Your spouse comes back with a barrage of reasons why you’re wrong, why Chinese is better and you just can’t convince him or her to go along with something you want for a change. Similarly, maybe you always wanted to take a trip overseas as a couple, but your spouse insists on keeping the two of you at home by telling you how you’re always the one wanting to waste money on stupid, frivolous expenses.

The above-described relationship dynamic can leave you feeling as if it’s better to keep your opinions and ideas to yourself. This can make you feel lonely, isolated and without any control over your life. If this sounds like something you’re experiencing – and you can’t figure out a way to solve it – then divorce could be the only answer that fits.

There’s no reason for anyone to stay sad and miserable in a relationship that clearly doesn’t work. There’s a reason why modern law has created rules and guidelines for the divorce process: So we can move on from a toxic relationship, make the necessary changes and live happier lives. If you’re ready to go through the divorce process, make sure you study up on what to expect and how to navigate your marital separation in a way that protects your legal rights.