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The 4 most common types of vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accident |

No two car accidents are the same because they involve different people, places, vehicles and entirely different circumstances. Nevertheless, the vast majority of car accidents will fall into one of four categories.

Rollover crashes: Some cars are more prone to rolling over than others, such as sport utility vehicles (SUVs) that sit higher on the road than other cars. When a rollover event happens, it’s common for fatalities to occur and occupants may be ejected from the cars or suffer catastrophic injuries as a result of their bodies hitting the interior of their cars. Sometimes the car manufacturer or wheel manufacturer is to blame for faulty designs that lead to these accidents.

Rear-end crashes: These crashes are more common than ever because so many drivers are distracted by their cellphones these days that they’re not watching what’s happening around them. In most cases, the driver who struck the car ahead of them is ruled to be at fault in these crashes.

Side impact crashes: Have you ever heard of the term T-bone collision? It’s not hard to figure out what this means. These happen when one car slams into the side of another. Side impact crashes may require detailed police investigations to determine who was at fault.

Head-on crashes: A head-on crash happens when someone is driving the wrong way. Often people will cross the center line into oncoming traffic or enter a highway going the wrong way due to being intoxicated or distracted.

Drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and others who get seriously hurt in car crashes due to no fault of their own may have strong claims to pursue financial justice in court. If you were a victim, learn more about your legal rights before it’s too late to pursue a claim.