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What should I know about surrogacy?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

Surrogacy is an excellent option for two would-be parents if they can’t have a baby on their own. Surrogacy involves the use of another person to carry a baby in her womb for someone else. The topic of surrogacy is legally complex, however. Prospective parents who want to use a surrogate should consider having an attorney make the arrangements.

There are two primary types of surrogacy.

One is when a woman is artificially inseminated with a man’s sperm and carries the child on behalf of the man and his wife. The second is when a woman is impregnated with an embryo that was created with ovum and sperm of another woman and a man.

In both types of surrogacy, the surrogate mother will carry the baby in her womb until it’s born. Then she will give up the baby to the parents according to the terms of the surrogacy contract. The surrogate mother will, in many cases, receive financial compensation for her services.

Legal problems and complications can arise during surrogacy

There have been many cases in which the surrogate mother becomes bonded with the baby as it grows within her womb. In some cases, surrogate mothers have fought in court to keep the baby after it is born. These cases bring to light the risks involved with surrogacy.

To avoid or at least reduce the risks involved with surrogacy, Maryland parents may want to work with a skilled family law attorney toward a viable surrogacy agreement that has the best chances of holding up in court if that becomes necessary.