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Will changing my hearing date keep me from paying a ticket?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Firm News, Traffic Tickets |

A common criminal defense tactic when it comes to traffic tickets is to simply change the hearing date. The reason that this can work is that when a police officer issues a lot of tickets and drivers decide to challenge those tickets, the officer typically schedules the hearings back-to-back during a specific block of time on a specific day of the week. If the accused driver reschedules the hearing date, it might not be possible for the officer to make it to trial and you may get your infraction dismissed.

This tactic of rescheduling your traffic ticket hearing date doesn’t always work. Although it may work in some cases, it definitely will not work in all cases.

In fact, defending against a traffic ticket is never as easy as simply rescheduling the date of your hearing. It’s certainly a useful strategy, but it’s not the sum total of a successful traffic ticket defense strategy. For example, depending on the facts surrounding your citation, you may want to employ these defense tactics as well:

  • Challenge the personal opinion of the officer.
  • Dispute the evidence that the officer presents.
  • Show that your alleged traffic violation was a mistake of fact.
  • Explain why your driving was actually justifiable.
  • Show why you had to drive in the way that you did in order to circumvent harm.

There are many other things you may be able to do as a suitable traffic ticket defense depending on the factors that pertain to your ticket. Ultimately, the best decision a driver can make is to discuss his or her case facts with a qualified traffic ticket defense attorney.