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1 killed, others injured in Maryland car accident

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2019 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accident |

When a teenager heads away to a cheerleading competition, the worst news parents expect to hear is that someone broke an arm or a leg in a bad fall — not that their child has been injured or killed in an accident on the road. Unfortunately, that’s what happened after several Virginia teenagers were in a multicar accident while traveling in Maryland for a competition.

According to reports, the Cheer Eruption All-Stars team members were traveling through Maryland on the way to a competitive match in Delaware when tragedy struck. Two adults and four teenagers were injured, and one 15-year-old teen died of her injuries later at the hospital.

The teens were riding in a Ford Expedition being driven by one of the team member’s fathers. When the father switched lanes, he somehow hit a Chevrolet Silverado. This set off a chain reaction accident, causing the Silverado to ram a tractor-trailer, and the Expedition to run off the road and crash into a guardrail before winding up in a ditch. The teen that was killed and one other person were thrown out of the Expedition at some point during the accident.

No charges have been levied against any of the drivers involved in the accident, and police say that neither alcohol nor speed were involved in the tragedy. There is a possibility that one or more of the teens might not have been wearing their seat belts at the time of the accident.

Tragic accidents like these are far too common on the nation’s highways. Even when drivers do behave responsibly — observing the speed limit, avoiding distractions and operating while strictly sober — it only takes a momentary mistake or minor miscalculation to end up in a serious accident.

The family of the teenager that was killed is relying on donations for her final medical costs and burial. The injured teens may also have significant bills that their families may struggle to repay. In multicar accidents, insurance companies are often hesitant to accept responsibility for a claim — which can leave individuals and families in the lurch. That’s why it’s always important to get experienced legal advice following a complex motor vehicle accident.