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What drives people to divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

Here’s a fact that will probably surprise most people: Cheating isn’t one of the top reasons that people end up getting divorced.

So, what exactly does lead couples to split? When polled, here are three of the top reasons that couples gave for their divorce:

1. They knew they shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place

Sometimes, the social pressure to get married can be overwhelming. One or both members of a couple may have realized — well before the nuptials — that the marriage was a bad idea. However, once the dress is ordered and the announcements are sent out, a lot of couples will convince themselves to go through with a wedding despite their better inclinations.

2. They simply grew apart for one or more reasons

Sometimes, a couple starts out strong — but somehow loses their mojo over time. It can sometimes happen once the kids come along, especially if one spouse assumes all the responsibilities for the children, and the other assumes all the responsibilities for providing for the household. Their worlds simply drift apart.

3. They no longer see eye-to-eye on the important things

Maybe your sex life has dwindled to nothing, and he sees that as fine, but you see it as a major problem. Maybe you feel like it’s fine that you go on trips with your best friends (without him), but he sees that as a big betrayal. Maybe your idea of a great weekend is heading out of town to camp, and he’d rather stay home and watch a movie. Whatever the issues, it can leave you both unhappy and wanting more out of your marriage.

If any of those things resonate with you, maybe it’s time to consider a split. A divorce attorney can help you assess your situation and decide what steps to take next.