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Learn more about speed-camera tickets in Maryland

On Behalf of | May 8, 2019 | Firm News, Traffic Tickets |

If you drive anywhere in Maryland, you’d better keep this in mind: There are cameras everywhere.

Maryland has one of the most aggressive systems in the nation when it comes to issuing speed-camera tickets to drivers. The various jurisdictions in the state issued 1.5 million tickets in 2017 alone — and generated $62.2 million worth of revenue. According to analysts, that’s pretty much what the state earned the year before, as well.

Drivers in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties were hit especially hard by the speed-cameras tickets. A total of 76% of all the tickets issued that way went to drivers in those two areas. The remaining third was divided up between approximately 20 other police jurisdictions, mostly in smaller areas.

So, if you find yourself the unlucky recipient of one of these tickets in the mail, should you just give up and pay up since they’ve got you on camera? Absolutely not.

First of all, the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) has been notably lax about overseeing its speed cameras, especially in construction zones. Just this year, an audit determined that SHA had failed in its duty to oversee the legal compliance of the company that operates the speed cameras in those areas. That alone tells you that many of the speed cameras out there issuing tickets may be inaccurate.

There are plenty of other ways to defend against a speed-camera ticket, as well. For example, if your car wasn’t the only one in the photo, the speeding violation may have been incorrectly assessed to you instead of another driver. Similarly, you may have a valid defense if the speed limit signs in an area were obstructed or missing.

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