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Including creative provisions in your modified parenting plan

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Child Custody |

If you share legal and physical custody of your kids with an ex-spouse, you probably frequently refer to your parenting plan. After all, this legally binding plan helps you avoid post-divorce conflict by expressly stating each parent’s obligations, rights and responsibilities.  

Even comprehensive parenting plans do not cover every possible custody-related scenario. If you find your existing parenting plan is not meeting your needs, you may want to pursue a modification. When you do, you may want to include some creative provisions.  

Screen time

You and your children’s co-parent may have similar or vastly different views about how your kids use electronic devices. If you want to control screen time, including reasonable parameters in your modified parenting plan may get the job done.  


As your children age, they may require different approaches to discipline. That is, what may have worked when your kids were young may be ineffective currently. Using your modified parenting plan to outline disciplinary responsibilities and procedures may help to set realistic expectations for your kids and your ex-spouse. 

High-risk activities

During adolescents, your kids may want to play football, tackle a rope course, take horseback riding lessons or engage in other high-risk activities. Your modified parenting plan can describe each parent’s role in approving participation. It may also designate which parent is responsible for both supervision and medical care for associated injuries. 

Ultimately, what you include in your modified parenting plan likely depends on the specific needs of your family. Still, by addressing some creative matters along with conventional ones, you may never have to pursue a modification of the plan again.