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How should you discuss your divorce with your children?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2021 | Blog, Divorce |

While dealing with the process of divorce, you may worry the topic is too hard to discuss openly with your children.

However, knowing the proper way to prepare and cooperate with your ex-spouse throughout this talk can help you both to relax.

Keep it calm

According to the American Psychological Association, an abrupt change in daily life can cause children to withdraw or act out. Trying to minimize the stress they face can help them adapt to a new lifestyle.

Avoid fighting with your ex-spouse and focus instead on what you both have in common. You could also write out a plan for what the next few months hold before breaking the news to your children. This may help you if you feel nervous about breaking the news.

Be direct

While it may seem tempting to give vague or complex explanations for why this divorce is happening, it is best to be clear and direct when bringing up the subject. Do not badmouth your spouse or mention personal or inappropriate details. Keep the conversation relaxed and child-friendly for everyone involved.

Allow for questions

Children are naturally curious, and when it comes to divorce, they will likely ask a lot of questions. They may wonder where your or your ex-spouse will live or where they will go to school if they do move.

Some children may even mistakenly blame themselves. Encourage further discussion if they appear anxious or seem lost and confused. Divorce can be a tough change for younger members of the family, but with care and support, you can discuss it openly with them.