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What are the signs of parental alienation?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Child Custody |

You expect your former spouse to form a united front with you when it comes to raising your child. However, that is not always the case. Some exes intentionally make co-parenting more difficult, which leads to a wide range of ill effects.

According to WebMD, parental alienation harms both the child at the center of the conflict and the victimized parent. Because it is essential for children to have healthy, loving relationships with both parents, identifying and addressing parental alienation is crucial.

The child shows total support for the alienating parent

Children influenced by parental alienation have a hard time with nuanced thinking. They usually praise the parent doing the alienating without hesitation, regardless of their actions. When asked whether their thoughts and feelings are genuine, the child will claim they are their own. This is a pretty clear indication that the child is receiving input from another party, especially if they use sophisticated language to express their feelings.

The child is extremely critical of the victimized parent

On the other hand, will have nothing but bad things to say about the other parent. While it is normal for children to criticize their parents on occasion, parental alienation often involves harsh, unjustified criticism that focuses on every aspect of the parent.

The child does not feel bad about their behavior

Most children will experience remorse after being cruel to their parents. A lack of remorse is usually a clear sign that the child is influenced by someone else’s statements. They may also trust in the opinion of the alienating parent, so they feel they are justified in how they are acting.

Should your former spouse refuse to follow parenting plans and visitation schedules, it is best to take the matter back to court. You are both obligated to follow court orders, and when they are not followed the judge can step in to make adjustments.