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What do you know about supporting your child through a divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Child Custody, Divorce |

Divorcing parents must take care of their mental health along with their shared child’s mental well-being. Mothers and fathers may feel helpless as they watch their children struggle to adjust.

Child Mind Institute explains tips for guiding children through divorce. Having a strategy in place helps parents and children during a tough time.

Respect how they feel

Rather than tell children how to feel about divorce, parents may find it more helpful to encourage children to express their emotions. When they do, it helps if parents do not let what their child says upset them. Listening to children and helping them express their emotions could prove more effective than trying to protect them from unpleasant emotions.

Expect specific emotions

When divorcing parents know the usual emotions children experience about a marital split, parents give themselves the chance to respond healthily. For instance, children often feel grief when their parents end their marriage. They may even blame themselves for the divorce. Children may experience anxiety at the thought of changing their routine because their parents split up. Parents help them navigate this emotion by explaining their children’s new living situation and routine.

Kids may misbehave after learning about their parents’ divorce. Such issues could be a way for the child to test new limits or express unease. A supportive environment and clear expectations often offer children guidance and peace of mind.

Children may regress during a divorce, needing help with tasks they handled on their own before. Mom and dad may need to step in and offer emotional support and physical help.

Kids and parents deserve to understand how to navigate divorce with grace. The right tips pave the way to peace of mind.