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Can nesting work for your family?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2022 | Child Custody |

As a divorcing couple, you want to provide the least traumatic experience possible for your child. Though it is impossible to guarantee you can make it through without causing any harm at all, it is possible to ease the transition.

This includes rethinking how you might want to deal with your housing situation during and after divorce. You may want to consider some non-traditional methods, like nesting.

How does nesting work?

Divorce Mag looks into options for housing during divorce. One such option is bird nesting, a form of living situation which borrows from the way birds will tend to their young.

In a normal divorce situation, the child must travel between both parents’ homes. This can cause a lot of additional trauma due to the readjusting they have to do. Not only must they get used to a new living environment, but they also need to adjust to a new part of the city or a new city entirely, a new school, and new potential acquaintances.

Reducing the number of changes your child must cope with in this trying time is a great way to reduce their overall stress and improve their ability to find healthy ways of dealing with these new life changes.

This is where bird nesting comes in. It allows the child to stay at the family home, and you and your co-parent will take turns living there with them instead.

Is nesting right for you?

You need several things to make bird nesting work, such as having the ability to afford or otherwise obtain two separate forms of housing at once. If you think this option sounds right for your family, consider contacting legal aid to learn more.