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What happens when you file for divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Blog, Divorce |

If you face marital troubles, you need to understand the process and how to proceed. However, most people approach divorce without some fundamental knowledge of the process.

Maryland has two types of divorce. They are absolute divorce and limited divorce. To learn more about each, continue reading this article.

Absolute divorce

According to Maryland Courts, absolute divorce terminates your marriage in the eyes of the law. To file for an absolute divorce, you need to present grounds. For absolute divorce, grounds, or reasons may be mutual consent, adultery, insanity or incarceration. You may pursue a no-fault divorce if you agree to divorce through mutual consent. A no-fault divorce may be cheaper as it requires less litigation.

Limited divorce

Maryland does not recognize legal separation. However, if you separate and do not engage in intercourse for over a year, that counts as grounds for a limited divorce. Limited divorce does not end your marriage, but it can address child custody issues and finances before you terminate your marriage through absolute divorce. Besides separation, other grounds for limited divorce include cruelty or malicious conduct and desertion.

Before you make any legal decisions, contact an attorney. They will help you with the proper paperwork and decide which form of divorce you need to file for.

Divorce in Maryland is slightly more challenging to pursue because you need to put forth grounds. If the divorce is not mutual, this can complicate things. However, if you remain separated for over a year, you should be eligible for a limited divorce. Once you file for a limited divorce, you can pursue absolute divorce.