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How is summertime custody divided between divorced parents?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Child Custody |

Children eagerly anticipate summer vacation as they look forward to lazy days, fun activities and quality time with family. For divorced parents, however, the summer months can present unique challenges when it comes to custody arrangements.

Crafting a summertime custody schedule that meets the needs of both parents and children requires careful consideration and planning.

Alternating weeks

One popular approach is for parents to alternate weeks during the summer. For example, the children might spend one week with Parent A, then the next week with Parent B, and so on. This allows for an equal division of time and provides a sense of consistency for the children.

Splitting the summer in half

Another option is to split the summer in half, with each parent having the children for an extended period. For instance, Parent A might have custody for the first half of summer break, while Parent B has custody for the second half. This arrangement is especially helpful if one parent plans to take the children on a longer vacation or if the parents live far apart.

Maintaining the regular schedule

In some cases, parents may choose to stick with their regular custody schedule throughout the summer. This is often the simplest solution, as it minimizes disruption to the children’s routine and avoids the need for complicated scheduling.

Regardless of the specific arrangement, flexibility and open communication can make the process easier. When you work together and find a custody schedule that works for everyone, summer vacation is a more enjoyable experience.