Divorce agreements and divorce awards are not always set in stone. If one of the spouse’s life-situations, or the needs of a child, change following a divorce settlement or divorce award, then the spouses who require it may request a modification to the divorce agreement.

The most common reasons for a divorce modification relate to changes in financial situations. For example, an ex-spouse who is paying child support or alimony might lose a job or become disabled, making him or her less able to pay the monthly obligations associated with the alimony and child support. Conversely, an ex-spouse might receive a sudden windfall of money, making it possible for him or her to pay more in child support and/or alimony.

Here is a list of some of the most common circumstances under which a spouse can request a divorce modification in Maryland:

— An income decrease or increase of 25 percent or higher for either spouse;

— A change in the financial needs of the child, such as a change in the child’s disability and/or health status, or changing financial needs resulting from the child getting older;

— A sudden inheritance;

— A sudden loss of job;

— It becomes evidence that the first divorce agreement involved fraud or concealment; and

— The child’s safety or health is threatened.

Maryland ex-spouses who believe their situations fall under one of the above categories — or who believe they need a divorce modification for another reason — get assistance from an experienced attorney. Our law firm is available to help Maryland residents with all their divorce and family law-related needs.