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Addressing Your Family’s Changing Needs

After a divorce, you may encounter a time where your family’s needs change. If the needs of your family deviate from the divorce decree, it is a smart idea to seek assistance from a knowledgeable lawyer to assist you with a modification. At our firm, we can help you with your needs.

We are the Law Office of Kevin L. Beard, P.A., and we represent families throughout the Catonsville, Maryland, area in family law matters, including divorce, child custody/visitation matters and modifications. Our attorneys take a comprehensive approach to practicing law, meaning we take time to listen to your needs and goals for situations — right from the start. If you value compassionate services from competent attorneys, we are your choice for legal representation.

Our attorneys handle the modification of existing child custody, child support and alimony orders after a divorce. Have you recently considered relocating or experienced a drastic change in circumstances that are affecting your custody or support obligations? We can seek or defend against a modification on your behalf. Call 410-929-7197 or 888-366-6439 for a free consultation.

When Can A Family Law Order Be Modified?

If you have experienced a significant change in circumstances or are seeking to relocate, child custody, child support or visitation modification may be appropriate for your situation. Common lifestyle changes that can require a modification include:

  • One parent re-marries or moves in with a new significant other.
  • One parent has a significant raise or loss of income.
  • The child has serious health issues, or needs braces, that requires significant treatment not covered completely or at all by health insurance.
  • A change in daycare is required.
  • The residency of one (or both) parents changes.

Do You Need To Update A Family Law Order? We Can Help.

If you would like to modify your child custody, child support or alimony order, contact our firm. Call 410-929-7197 or 888-366-6439 to speak with one of our lawyers. We will sit down with you, review the circumstances and advise you of your options. Consultations are free.