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Tips for positive co-parenting experiences


Divorced or single parents in Maryland can help their children by learning how to effectively co-parent with their former partners.

Raising children under any circumstances can be very difficult and stressful at times. Maryland residents who are divorced may experience even greater parenting challenges. Differences in parenting styles could have been factors that influenced a divorce and those differences do not go away once a divorce is final. Yet, the need to work together for the good of the children remains. How can divorced moms and dads do this?

The main reason to co-parent positively

At all times, parents are encouraged to remember that their kids come first. Psychology Today reminds parents that having healthy relationships with both of them is important for children. Keeping the good of the children clearly in mind at all times can help guide parents through when times get tough. reiterates this by encouraging parents to establish and keep their values and goals at the center of all co-parenting experiences.

Be positive

When talking to the other parent or to the children about the other parent, a little positivity goes a long way. Making negative comments about a parent to kids can create conflict for them. Focus on the Family reminds parents to avoid doing this at all costs. Instead, each parent should actively encourage good relationships with each other for their kids.

Saying nice things and being polite when picking up and dropping off the children is also beneficial as it lets kids see their parents working together. It also sends them the message that both parents are lovable and prevents kids from feeling the need to take sides with one parent or hold back from the other.

Let time be an asset

Every parent is human and there may well be times that being positive is difficult. When these things happen, parents should avoid the urge to respond immediately. Instead, they should request some time to think about whatever the topic is and respond later when they can be calmer and address the situation in a better manner.

Keep kids out of the middle

Children should never be required to pass messages back and forth between parents. They should also never be probed for information about the other parent. Let all discussions about parenting be between the parents directly. If necessary, people can leverage technology to create online schedules. This can minimize the number of direct interactions that are needed and therefore reduce the opportunity for conflict.

Getting help from the beginning

As soon as a divorce becomes imminent, Maryland parents should talk to an attorney. With a myriad of issues to face, getting proper legal advice early on can help to protect their interests. It can also give them the best ability possible to focus on their children when they know other aspects of the divorce are being properly handled.