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Domestic Violence: Defending, Protecting And Asserting Your Rights

A domestic violence charge (also known as a Protective Order Case) can drastically affect both parties involved. Whether you are looking to defend against or obtain a domestic violence charge or Protective Order, you need to work with a lawyer who is experienced, aggressive and will stand up for you throughout every step of the legal process involved. We want you to know that, at our firm, we will provide the comprehensive and hands-on legal services you are seeking.

The Law Office of Kevin L. Beard, P.A., is located in Catonsville, Maryland, and represents individual and families throughout the surrounding areas in domestic violence, Protective Order cases and family law matters. We take an assertive and hands-on approach to practicing law and are dedicated to providing personalized services. Our lawyers meet directly with their clients and take time to listen to their goals, so we can develop a legal strategy that addresses all their needs.

We Will Aggressively Defend You Against Domestic Violence Charges

If you are facing a Protective Order or Domestic Violence case, or even a criminal charge, and need to secure your rights, it is imperative you seek legal counsel from an attorney. At our firm we will work to build the strongest defense possible. We do this by examining the allegations, the base of the charge and exploring all routes of defense to make certain your future is impacted as minimally as possible. If you do not have a strong defense, the charge could affect:

  • Current or any future jobs
  • Ability to own a gun
  • Future travel
  • Family
  • Custody or visitation with your children

You Should Not Have To Live In Fear. We Will Help You Get The Protection You Need.

Seeking protection through an order is one of the best measurements of caution that you can take if you fear domestic violence may become an issue in your home. A protective order (either interim, temporary, final or ex parte) will protect your family, your home and you. We can help you file for a temporary protective order and represent you at the hearing where the final protective order will be issued. Your safety is important, and we will be here to ensure all legal steps are taken to protect you and your family.

We Are Here To Help

Are you the victim of domestic violence? Have you been accused of domestic violence? We want to hear about your situation. Please contact our firm online or by calling 410-929-7197 or 888-366-6439 to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. We look forward to hearing from you.