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Can I make a claim for pain and suffering damages?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2017 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accident |

It doesn’t matter if a plaintiff can receive a million dollars in personal injury compensation: Money is never a suitable exchange for one’s health. However, financial compensation is the only way Maryland courts have of making things right after a negligent party hurts someone. As such, the questions of “How much money can I receive?” and “What kinds of damages can I claim?” are usually some of the most important ones on every plaintiff’s mind.

For the vast majority of plaintiffs, seeking financial compensation is never about greed. It’s about making things right, achieving a sense of closure and feeling like their suffering has been recognized — and that some attempt has been made to make things right. It’s in this respect, that one category of damages is so important. That category relates to pain and suffering relating to mental or physical distress.

Often pain and suffering damages reflect the kind of injury, the level of pain associated with the injury and doctors’ predictions of future pain that will continue in the years and decades ahead. In addition, pain and suffering can relate to mental and emotional damage caused by the injurious event. Finally, one might try to argue in some cases that the plaintiff has experienced emotional pain and suffering due to a loss of quality of life.

Since pain levels — be they physical or emotional — can be difficult to quantify, and even more difficult to translate into a financial figure, plaintiffs tend to have a lot of questions about how much money they can pursue relating to pain and suffering damages. This, however, must be evaluated on a case by case basis. At Law Office of Kevin L. Beard, PA, our legal team is available to provide a preliminary review of your potential injury claim to determine what kinds and amounts of damages you might be able to pursue.