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How a parent could lose custody of a child

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2017 | Child Custody, Firm News |

The thought of losing custody rights to your children can be terrifying. However, numerous Maryland parents have lost their parental rights as a result of different circumstances that develop in their lives.

This article will highlight the several of most common reasons why a Maryland family court might take child custody rights away from a parent.

  • If you’re not the primary caretaker of your children: During divorce proceedings, and especially if a custody battle develops, courts will try to determine which parent served as the main caretaker of the children. For example, perhaps you had a demanding job, and your spouse was the one who took the kids to school, bathed them, read to them and prepared their meals. In this case, your spouse would be the primary caretaker.
  • The parent has an addiction problem: If a parent has a problem with substance abuse, it could be used against the parent in court to strip him or her of child custody rights. This would not prevent the parent from having the right to see his or her children — perhaps under supervision — but it could cause him or her to lose custody.
  • Not supporting the other parent’s relationship with the children: If one parent tries to prevent the other parent from seeing and spending time with his or her children, the court will view these efforts unfavorably and may award full custody to the other parent.
  • Having a history of physical or sexual abuse: A parent with any kind of criminal record — especially a parent with a history of physical or sexual abuse — will be in grave danger of losing his or her child custody rights.

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