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When is supervised visitation appropriate in Maryland?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Child Custody |

Navigating legal issues involving child custody and visitation can be challenging, especially if complications arise from the family’s circumstances. In dire situations, they can experience severe emotional distress from conflicts and disputes, possibly risking the child’s health and well-being. During these scenarios, the court can take action to address these factors, such as ordering supervised visitations.

This setup provides another person to supervise or monitor visits between a parent and their child, allowing them to spend time together in a controlled environment. It is often appropriate for specific cases that may involve the following factors:

  • The parent and child have been apart for a significant amount of time, requiring aid to develop parenting skills and the relationship.
  • The case involves substance abuse or severe mental health conditions that may impede the parent’s ability to care for the child alone.
  • The parent or child has a history of violence or anger issues.
  • The parent’s record includes incidents when they committed grave misconduct or inappropriate behavior that may be a safety risk for the child.

Requiring supervised visitation may depend on the case details and the judge’s decision. The court can adjust the arrangement and increase or decrease restrictions based on the situation. These rules and guidelines may also change according to any improvements between the parent and child observed during visits.

Addressing the family’s needs

When dealing with family law issues, the court may balance prioritizing the child and upholding parental rights. By doing so, the judge may order varying arrangements to meet the family’s needs, depending on the unique circumstances. Seeking legal counsel can also help in these instances. Experienced advice can help parents understand the situation and take appropriate legal action if necessary.