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Can I qualify for a divorce modification?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Firm News, Modifications |

The order issued by the family law court in your case may seem like it’s final, but it’s not. There are many circumstances in which you or your spouse could file a petition to modify the divorce decree in some way, shape or form. These circumstances usually need to involve a significant change in income or health of the individuals involved, but — if you can qualify for such a modification — you just might be able to get it.

Let’s take a look at some of the life circumstances that could result in a court granting you the divorce modifications you need:

  • One parent gets remarried and starts to live with the new spouse, or one spouse decides to live with a new boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • One parent experiences a noteworthy increase or decrease in income levels.
  • A child develops a serious health condition, requires braces or needs to get a medical treatment that isn’t treatable through health insurance.
  • A child requires a change in daycare which increases or decreases expenditures.
  • One or both parents change their residences.
  • One or both parents develops a serious health condition.
  • One or both parents is convicted of a violent crime or sent to prison.

The above changes in circumstances could result in increases or reductions in expenses. They could also make the arrangement of visitations between parents and kids, or child custody exchanges, easier or more difficult. Depending on the change that happens, if it’s significant enough, a Maryland court will usually award the modification that’s requested as long as the request is reasonable and fair to all parties involved, while supporting the best interests of any children who the modification could affect.