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3 defenses to a speed limit violation

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Firm News, Traffic Tickets |

Maryland drivers are prone to exceeding the speed limit just like drivers in other parts of the country. For this reason, local law enforcement are often on patrol looking for speed limit violators. If you have been pulled over, accused of this crime and issued a speeding ticket, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you were guilty. Police and their speed measuring devices, after all, might not always be accurate.

If you were inappropriately accused of speeding by a police officer in Maryland, here are three ways to defend against the allegations:

You were driving because it was an emergency: Sometimes, it’s necessary to drive faster because you’re in a rush. For example, maybe your partner was in labor and you needed to get her to the hospital as quickly as possible. Or, maybe you were trying to outrun a tornado. There are many reasons why a vehicle driver might legitimately need to exceed the speed limit.

The determination of your speed was incorrect: Radar guns, laser guns and the perceptions of an officer on patrol are not always accurate. Sometimes a driver accused of speeding can challenge these measuring devices and the officer’s perceptions successfully in court.

A case of mistaken identity: There are many cars on the road, and it’s not uncommon for an officer to mistake you for another. For example, imagine a blue Honda Accord speeds past you at 100 miles per hour, and you were also driving a blue Honda Accord at the correct speed. This could result in you getting pulled over and inappropriately accused of a legal violation you never committed.

There are many more ways to fight a speeding ticket depending on the facts of your case. Make sure you understand all of your potential defense options before choosing the best way to defend against your alleged traffic violation.