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Knowing when to modify your custody order

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Modifications |

Even though your child custody arrangement may have worked after your split, you may need to modify aspects of your agreement as your life changes. Fortunately, you have the right to petition the court to update your agreement.

Knowing under what conditions a court may consider your request appropriate can help you determine whether or not to pursue a change.

Logistical conflicts

As you adjust to life after divorce, you may find new opportunities that require you to move. Relocation could impact your ability to maintain your previously agreed-upon visitation schedule. Similarly, a career change may require you to commute further or work longer hours that cause conflicts with your parenting duties.

Such logistical conflicts may create the need for a more flexible agreement than you have currently. According to the Maryland Courts, you will need to clearly explain your reason for requesting a change as part of the document you fill out when you petition a change.

Visitation challenges

Another common reason to request an update to your custody order is if your ex refuses to honor the visitation schedule. Not being able to rely on your ex may affect other areas of your life and create ongoing stress and irritation.

If your children face endangerment or have experienced threatening behavior during their visits with your ex, you can also request a child custody modification. Presenting your case while highlighting the best interests of your children may help the courts to see the value of changing your order. Showing civility, integrity and professionalism can help you strengthen your reputation as a parent and citizen.