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5 essential tips for protecting yourself during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Divorce |

Divorce is unsettling, and you may worry about how you and your children will adjust after the dust clears. Also, disagreements between you and your spouse may add to the challenge of ending your marriage.

Follow these tips to minimize your anxiety while protecting yourself and your children.

1. Disregard stories

Divorce horror stories may keep you awake at night. However, it is helpful to remember that anything you read online or hear from friends may give you unrealistic expectations about how your situation may evolve.

2. Avoid social media

Posting on social media during your divorce can compromise your negotiating power. Although it may be tempting to turn to social platforms to update your friends or vent your frustrations, your spouse can potentially use your posts against you in court.

3. Keep an open mind

Maryland law allows you to obtain an absolute uncontested divorce with a separation agreement whereby you and your spouse agree on asset and property divisions and child custody matters. Staying flexible during negotiations helps avoid a court battle and shows a judge that you are willing to promote your children’s well-being.

4. List all assets

Creating a list of joint and pre-marital assets can protect you from a greedy spouse. However, concealing resources will work against you in Maryland courts, where judges determine an equitable rather than equal distribution of assets.

5. Avoid disparaging remarks

Exposing your children to disparaging comments about your spouse will hinder your child custody efforts. Although Maryland judges occasionally consider children’s wishes regarding custody, your negative remarks will prompt concerns about your ability to provide a suitable home.

Familiarity with Maryland divorce laws can lead to empowering decisions that apply to your unique circumstances and protect your long-term interests.