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Do long distance co-parenting plans work?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Child Custody |

Dealing with co-parenting is already enough of a struggle without adding things like distance to the mix. Unfortunately, some parents simply cannot stay close to the custodial parent, such as military parents or parents who must take care of elderly relatives.

In these situations, does long-distance co-parenting work? In what ways?

Compromising with your co-parent

Onward discusses long distant co-parenting plans, which many different parents must turn toward. Of course, it is not usually the first choice for most parents, as most who co-parent want to spend equal amounts of time with their children.

Unfortunately, as mentioned, this is not always possible due to jobs or other obligations. In these cases, it is possible to share custody even at long-distance ranges. But in order to make it work, parents should make an effort to ensure their children get the most out of the arrangement as possible.

Sticking with a schedule

For example, know how much contact they need as individuals and try sticking to it. Some kids may want you to call every chance you get, while others could feel overwhelmed and smothered by that level of attention.

It also helps to have a “call schedule” to stick to, whether you call via phone, do video chats, or anything else. This removes the element of surprise, which is often beneficial for your co-parent. It also gives your children something to look forward to, simultaneously showing them that you are a responsible and reliable parent.

Finally, use the technology you have. In days gone by, it was much harder to keep in contact with people at a distance. These days, you can do so with the simple push of a button, so take advantage of that where you can.