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How may I set up child custody and holiday visiting schedules?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2022 | Child Custody |

Parents preparing for divorce may have concerns over how upcoming holiday seasons could affect their children. As noted on the Maryland Courts website, however, cases involving child custody require a parenting plan. A well-prepared and agreed-upon parenting plan could help relieve concerns over future holiday scheduling.

You may create a parenting plan on your own or by working one out with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Both parents may also work together with a mediator. You submit your parenting plan to the court in the form of a written document. Your plan could become part of the final divorce decree, which the court may then enforce.

What issues may I address in a parenting plan submission?

The Maryland Judiciary provides parenting plan submission forms. You may submit a form outlining a plan designed for parents who have already worked out an arrangement. The judiciary also provides a form that serves as a way for parents who cannot agree on a plan to present their differences to the court.

Along with biographical details, submission forms include input headings covering issues such as decision-making authority, information sharing and schooling. To address visitation and holiday scheduling, the “Parenting Time” section provides a range of detailed input headings. You may enter scheduling details that include arrangements for school breaks, holidays and birthdays.

What may occur when parents cannot reach an agreement?

When couples find they cannot agree on a parenting plan or visitation and holiday schedules, the court decides for them. When making their decisions, judges generally follow the standard of what serves the best interests of the children.

A parenting plan helps establish a sense of predictability that could meet each child’s individual needs. It may also help avoid lengthy court battles over parenting and scheduling disagreements.