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Determining holiday custody schedules in your divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | Child Custody |

The process of divorce introduces many changes and challenges. If you have children, one thing you need to consider is child custody, particularly during holidays. Holidays hold special significance for families, making them a hot topic in custody discussions.

When working out custody, take the opportunity to create a holiday schedule that works best for your child and both parents.

Prioritize your child’s needs

In deciding which holidays you spend with your child, consider the child’s needs and desires first. Some children might have particular traditions they associate with a specific parent. If possible, incorporate these traditions into your holiday custody schedule.

Keep in mind your child’s age and adaptability. Younger children might find it difficult to switch homes frequently, while older children might enjoy the change in scenery and the diversity of celebrations.

Balance family traditions

It is natural for both parents to want to spend major holidays with their children. If certain holidays hold more significance for you or the other parent, consider alternating these holidays every year. This way, your child gets to experience the traditions of both parents.

Another approach is to split the holiday itself, but this requires good cooperation between you and your ex-spouse. For example, the child could spend the morning of Christmas with one parent and the evening with the other.

Consider travel and logistics

You need to factor in travel and logistics when determining the holiday custody schedule. If you and your ex-spouse live far apart, alternating holidays each year might work best to limit frequent travel. Remember, constant traveling can be tiring for children, especially during the busy holiday season.

The goal of determining holiday custody is to ensure your child can enjoy the holidays without feeling torn between parents. Try to create a plan that gives both parents ample time with the child during different holidays. And, most importantly, be willing to communicate and compromise so you can create joyful memories for your child.