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What are the requirements for relocating with my child?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2024 | Child Custody |

Living a normal family life amid child custody proceedings can be challenging, especially if there are circumstances necessitating you and your child to make significant living adjustments. Sometimes, these changes are necessary to prioritize the child’s welfare, such as making custody-related arrangements or relocating.

Moving with the child, whether in or out of state, can have legal implications, affecting the progress of the existing child custody case. Because of its impact, the court can impose requirements for you and your child’s relocation, including the following:

  • Written notice about the relocation, sent to the court with a 90-day notice period
  • Notice given to the other parent or relevant parties, if necessary
  • A hearing, if involved parties file a petition concerning the relocation

These requirements are standard, but the court can remove them based on the situation.

Waiving relocation requirements

These prerequisites are often necessary to help adjust before the relocation date. But sometimes, the court can waive them. If you and your child are moving because of urgent circumstances, the court may allow it despite not meeting the specified requirements.

However, waiving these conditions may only apply if there is a valid reason, such as financial factors, extenuating considerations and unexpected scenarios that make relocating immediately the most appropriate option.

Navigating child custody procedures efficiently

When moving through life and child custody matters, time is of the essence. Most life adjustments can have legal repercussions with associated timelines and conditions. Failing to comply can have severe consequences impacting you and your entire family.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, seeking legal counsel before making any plans can be beneficial. Having adequate guidance can help you navigate complex scenarios efficiently in compliance with legal restrictions or guidelines.