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What are some reasons to modify a custody arrangement?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Child Custody, Modifications |

Change is not always easy, and divorce in particular can completely upend your life. You might worry about how you will raise your children with your ex. A solid custody agreement may put you at ease, though it is possible that at some point you will have to return to court to modify your arrangement.

Forbes outlines some possible occurrences that could require changes to a custody agreement.

A parent relocates

Either you or your ex might want to move to another community someday. There can be good reasons to do so. You or your former spouse might find better job opportunities elsewhere or to be close to family members who can help raise your children.

Still, some parents move to a distant location for spiteful reasons. It is important to carefully examine the argument of your ex for moving to make sure it is in good faith.

A child has different needs

A custody arrangement depends on the current and anticipated condition of the children involved. However, a major unexpected event might happen, such as an auto accident or major injury. A disability or health condition could necessitate that one or more of your children spend more time with you or your co-parent.

A parent experiences major life changes

Circumstances can also alter the situation of a parent. Sometimes it is for the better. A parent may stop drinking or get a higher-paying job. Conversely, a parent could also suffer a major setback, such as going to prison.

Whatever your situation, consider how to make the best argument for or against a custody modification. Remember that Maryland courts require you to provide a clear explanation of your request to modify your arrangement if you initiate the request.